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i think i’m better off alone.

then ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out. wish i knew.

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 the girl.
mire. 21. dork. stubborn, open-minded. confused. shy.
i might be a lot of things, simple is not one of them.
Proud 'Portugeek'! are you one?
 the journal. 
is called dreaming since the beginning. because it keeps us sane.
it's a disturbing mixture of mocking, fandom rambling and icon posts.
i try not to do personal drama.

Friending policy: all icon posts and picspams are never friends locked.
but feel free to add me if you still wanna be my friend, all i ask is to
please comment somewhere, coz i don't much pay attention :$
 the fandom.
Series: Buffy the vampire slayer. Angel. Firefly. Battlestar Galactica.
Dexter. Carnivàle.  Oz. Queer as Folk. South of Nowhere. Supernatural.
The Office. Mai-HiME. Heroes. Gossip Girl.
Movies: Donnie Darko. Brokeback Mountain. Serenity.
Ships: Spuffy. Fuffy. Spangel. Angel/anyone as long as his shirtless.
Angel/Wesley. Crazy space incest. Mal/Simon. Starbuck/Lee. Starbuck.
Lee/towel. Gaius/Six. Beecher/Keller. Brian/Justin. Spashley. Spyla.
Wincest. Jim/Pam. Natsuki/Shizuro. Blair/Serena.
i ship, therefor i am.
Crushes: Faith. Spike. Starbuck. Spencer. Natsuki.
my icons: organized by fandom > here, or by date > here.
my picspams: organized by  fandom
> here.
resources: all the brushes, textures, caps, etc
> here.
if i have something yours and it's not credited please let me know.


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